Thursday, March 8

How to Win His Heart ♡

1_ Don't be afraid! Start up a conversation though do not talk about everything in just a day -you'll run out of topics soon so be sure to have a bit of mystery in you.
2_Be spontaneous! If you think he looks sexy in a tie then just say it in a random moment but seductively otherwise he'll get a weird impression.

3_Personality is important, show him your support and try to let him talk about his life instead of blabbering about yours. If he mentions about a club he went yesterday then ask him a few questions about it -he'll get the hint that you're putting effort on getting to know him.

4_Putting effort into your looks once in a while can catch his eyes ;) .

5_Get into "deeper" conversations -depending on how close you both are. Though don't scare him away! Remember you haven't won his heart yet.

6_Don't be too serious. If he accuses you of something just play along and act innocent and make them think they're right. They love that!!!

7_Spoil his stomach, always have some snacks ready while you hang around him. Chocolates or cream crackers will do.

Tips :-
  • Smell pretty. It's like a less then a second seduction!
  • Body language! Twist a strand of hair around your finger -feel sexy when you need to!
  • Learn something everyday! Something smart and useless.
  • Go natural. Easy on the make-up. 
warnings :-
  • Do NOT in any way change yourself completely. If you are a goof at heart then let that come through otherwise the guy will be falling for who he thinks you are not who you really are.
  • Don't make things up to impress. I know some of you might be thinking that this is lame but it's true that people still tend to do this. The guy will find out your true colours sooner or later.

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