Wednesday, March 28

5 things men hate about their wives

1) Possessiveness: Women always seem to have serous security issues. They need men to hold them, and tell them how special they are.

 2) Hopping: Not only is the list end less, they check 10 different stores before finally buying something from the one they first saw. You will won der why she spent so much time roaming around.

3) Never satisfied: They spend hours preening in front of the mirror while you do not see the slightest change.

4) Fashion: Her tastes in fashion change so frequently that you either run out of breath trying to catch up, or end up wondering whether you are too dumb to catch up. At the end of the month you will also wonder why your wallet suddenly looks so empty.

5) They notice the minutest things:Why do women have to criticise everything from hairstyle to shoes?
Only a woman can notice something as trivial as the purse not matching the shoes!

Saturday, March 24

10 signs your husband is cheating

I have been asked many times: what are the 10 signs of a cheating husband? probably have that gut feeling telling you something isn't right.
You probably know it.. he IS cheating.
But sometimes, you find it hard to believe your husband is cheating on you - as if you have been blinded - or you choose to turn a blind eye towards this.
Now I hope you manage to take your blinders off - because you deserve to know the truth.

Just to start you off, here are the top ten signs of a cheating husband:

1) The sex - he initiates sex more often.
 This is a common scenario: your husband often gets home and initiate sex, his drive seems to have gone up quite a bit, and the funny thing can feel it, it is just 'Sex'- and I mean without the emotional 'making love' component in it.

2) He hardly wants to be intimate anymore.
This is related to number 1. This depends on whether or not he gets enough of it with the other woman. The basic rule is that if he has enough, he will not request more. If he's been fooling around with her without actually getting enough sex...Number 1 applies.
3) Looks - he takes care of his personal appearance more.
A cheating husband will make sure his hair looks right, and will start taking more interest going to the gym. (He can even use that time to have that secret rendesvous..who knows)

4) More frequent overtime and office functions
This is definitely a sign especially if his work is just 'customer service'. And if he is a professional, his work hours get even longer. There are more 'colleague farewells', and of course more unexplained business trips outside office hours too.
Also, he cannot wait for his next business trip (as if he doesn't have enough already)

5) He takes up REGULAR hobby that doesn't involve you
This regular hobby can include the gym (if you can call that health hobby), the library, jogging or some kind of sport. The less you are interested in it, the more chance of him taking it.
6) His cell phone has become his second shadow
A cheating husband needs to take his cell phone everywhere (Yes even to the bathroom with the door locked from the inside). This is just in case the other woman call or it's for him to contact that other woman.

7) He eats less, or he has stomach upset
Not so smart cheater will have dinner with his secret lover until he is bloated, and won't have the chance to touch your wonderful cooking.

8) You catch some lies - white lies, big lies..
You realise he's been lying and start getting better at covering them up. He doesn't want to have lengthy eye contact with you, and avoids the topic infidelity altogether. And when you push him to the edge ready to prove that he's lying, he'll get defensive or very angry.

9) Emails - New email address, new passwords, no history
He is using the computer a lot. When you walk in the room he minimises all windows - or closes them altogether. When he finally gets off the computer nothing is left in the history. All temporary cookies are deleted too.
He has new email addresses and change all passwords to the email address that you know about.

10) Obvious evidence
This can be perfume on his laundry items, lipstick on his collar or shirt, or even the fact that he wants to do his own laundry. Hair can also be evidence ( see blonde hair in his car, and your hair is black)

On top of these signs of infidelity, you'll find that a cheating husband starts to day dream a lot, talking much less and lose interest in you or your family.
He takes extra interest on your schedule though. He'll even ask you twice in the same day: 'Honey, when are you gonna get your car fixed?' or 'Honey, when are you taking that overseas trip?'
Still not sure? Ok he must have accummulated these signs for you to start getting suspicious.

Friday, March 23

Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Husband With ♥

Someone once said that men and women enter marriage thinking two different things. He is thinking, "God, I hope she never changes!" She is thinking, "With your help God, I can change him!" It's humorous but I speculate that this may be true. Romance is a funny thing for the married crowd. The warm rosy feeling of romance that so envelopes us during dating fades to black when life occurs. The bills, the kids, the jobs, the in laws and the list goes on. All these opposing forces form a deadly alliance that steals romance from our lives and leaves us, just, well, married. Romance is the soup that love, sex and intimacy brew from. Are you ready to jump in the pot? Use these romantic ideas to surprise your husband with, only don't hold us responsible if they work.
Yes, this article is written with the ladies in mind, never fear gentlemen, we've got one for you too! Just look for Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Wife With !

1) Fragrance is a powerful ally in building romance. Remember smelling his cologne for the first time? Ooh lala! Chances are he's not using that original cologne anymore. Look for it! Buy it and surprise your husband with it. Have him wear it for you on a special romantic night together.

2) Another fragrance suggestion is to shop for a new cologne. Go by yourself to the cologne counter at one of your local department stores. Smell until you find one that hits the right note. Ask your husband to wear it for you in private!

3) Surprise your husband by climbing in the shower with him. Bring a scrubee and a sexy smelling body wash. Wear waterproof make up just in case. That's romantic!

4) Dedicate a song to your husband on his favorite radio station. Make sure he is listening. You could enlist the help of one of his co workers to covertly help you keep him at his desk and in radio listening range. Definitely a romantic idea!

5) Treat your husband to a massage by a professional. Find a local masseur and pre pay for his session. Send him out the door with directions. Tell him you will be waiting for him when he comes back.

6) Buy HIM something sexy to wear! Don't just think black silk pajamas. You could buy something more. It would probably excite both of you! Totally romantic!

7) Make a love trail! Trail rose petals or Hershey's kisses to from the door to the bedroom. If you can't be there when he gets home, leave a note telling him to save a kiss for you! (You may want to use rose petals if you have pets. Chocolate and pets do not go together!

8) Buy satin sheets and scent them with your perfume. Or his cologne!

9) Develop a code word for sex that you use when you are with a group. Make sure you use it. And often. Romantic!

10) Try that restaurant that's about an hour way. Plan the trip around sunset and stop to enjoy the sky change together. Turn off the cell phones. Listen to a CD of your favorite songs from your dating era. Your husband will love this romantic idea.

11) Buy yourself something sexy to wear and model it for him. That's always the perfect gift!

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse: 5 Tips to Find Out if Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Most people don’t understand the nature of cheating within a relationship. Are you even aware of the slightest clue when it happens.
 Most couples cant, even if it happens just right under their noses.

 The person who cheats doesn’t easily fit into a single mould. There are those who will cheat once and never repeat the mistake. Some will continue the practice until they feel satisfied. The truth is never revealed despite the hiring of private investigators. Others make a lifestyle out of being unfaithful.

You must first decide how likely it is that they will repeat the same behavior over again before handling your cheating spouse.

Here are 5 tips to find out if your spouse is cheating on you.

1) Before you can find out your wife is cheating on you, you need to take into account any recent changes in her behavior. Women tend to feel guilty when they are in extramarital affair. And they behave differently too.

Is she buying new dresses?
Is she coming home late?
Is she spending more time in office?
Is she more loving towards you in order to cover something?
2) If you suspect your husband is having an affair, there’s two ways to approach the situation and here is how to tell if your man is cheating. First, you can go on an all-out, fact finding mission and try to gather as much evidence as possible.
Secondly, you can try to firm up your suspicions by gathering evidence to either confirm the affair or clear your husband entirely.
There are two extremes to it and I will personally choose the later so as to save your relationship or sometimes it may be a simple misunderstanding.
3) Another possible clue is your husband suddenly starts exercising or going to the gym. He becomes over conscious of how he looks physically. So keep a look out for this sign.

4) Popping out at strange hours. Perhaps working late nights when they didn’t use to? Or going to see some friend that you’ve never heard of?

5) If things the two of you used to share openly suddenly become private pay attention cause something is probably up. Your spouse may start password protecting computer activity. It is as if to hide something from you and not wanting you to see it.

If ever you feel you need help in finding evidence to prove your spouse’s guilt or innocence, the best way is to always hire a private investigator.

Thursday, March 22

Ten things men hate about women

No doubts that men heartily love women. However, numerous opinion polls reveal that there are ten basic factors with females that strongly irritate men.

1)  Men do not like women pretending they are chaste. Men believe that women should stay themselves and give up every attempt to seem better. Indeed, women  these days are not restricted in entertaining themselves and can enjoy life to the utmost, just exactly the way that men do.

2) Men hate it when their women criticize other females. This is a proven fact that women often treat other women as rivals. But remember that a woman will gain no popularity with men if she continuously criticizes other women’s dresses, shoes and handbags and also their compatibility with each other. Men actually do not care very much if their women wear fashionable dresses or not, have stylish coiffure or not.

3) Women’s jealousy exasperates men. This is absolute nonsense that jealousy revives relationship. The jealousy lifestyle can break even the strongest relationship. Jealousy appears when someone in a couple does not trust his partner. Remember that trust is the basis of your realtionship.

4) Men also do not like to be treated as an emotional support. They get irritated when women always demand caresses and hugs, when women ask to call them special. Men do not like diffident women; they say it is even worse than self-confident and independent women.

5) It is no good for women to employ the speech code in relations with men. When women employ the ‘What are you thinking about?’ speech code they thus hope to pump real feelings and emotions out of men. When a woman asks a man this sort of vague questions she expects to catch his unawares and learn what his real feelings toward her are.

6) Some women want all the spare time of their men to be devoted to them only. This is some sort of interference with men’s private life At the worst, women start asking relatives and close friends what their men did or are doing at this particular moment. They also ransack men’s pockets and desk drawers in search of some evidence. Women must not behave like proprietresses.

7) This is incredible but women’s emotionality makes men absolutely mad. Unlike women, men are sure that broken nails or touching films are not a trouble at all. Males do not love their female partners burst into tears or fly into a rage on every trifle occasion.

8) It is universally known that men hate women’s never-ending shopping. Men generally believe that twenty four hours in a day are not enough for women to enjoy shopping, to have an opportunity to touch and try on everything they find. Men find it the most terrible ordeal when women insist that men must accompany them during shopping.

9) Women’s talkativeness is also irritating, men say. Women’s brain easily conceives every minute detail while men do not like to listen to nonessential details.

10) Women have a sure leverage to demonstrate their superiority over men. This is sex which is the most powerful weapon in the war between males and females. Women deprive their men of sex in an attempt to punish them. But the measure may in some cases have lamentable consequences for women.

When we consider the above bad habits of women closer, we can see they are not so terrible. Nobody is perfect, and partners should learn to compromise and be patient toward each other.

things women shouldn’t say to men

1) We need to talk
Maybe you do, but that opener is not working for anyone. It just fills a man with dread and makes him want to get away from you as quickly as possible.

 2) How do I look? and Do I look fat in this?
In both cases, what you’re looking for here ladies is less a truthful answer and more something to gas up your heads. Unfortunately, if you’re lucky enough to have a man who will even glance up from the game to look at you before answering, what you’ll get is either a protracted once-over followed by a “Good” or a “No”. Or you’ll get the truth. And you probably won’t like it. So just skip it.

3) Which one of my friends would you eff?
Why oh why would you ask this? What could you possibly hope to gain from knowing which of your friends stars in your man’s masturbatory fantasies? Just leave it alone ladies. Trust me when I tell you you don’t want to know the answer to this.

4) My ex used to….
Insert good or bad behaviour here. Telling your man that your ex used to buy you flowers “just because” or saying that he used to have textual relations with other girls and that’s why you can’t stop yourself from going through his phone is probably going to lead to an invitation that you go reunite with said ex, since you’re so fixated on him.

5) My girls say…
I think men have resigned themselves to the fact that women discuss the most minute details of their relationships with their girlfriends. They probably don’t get it or like it, but they accept it. But that doesn’t mean that they are interested in hearing your girlfriends’ co-sign on your latest grievance against your man. Besides which, if the only supporting argument you can come up with is “even my friends think you’re wrong”, your point is probably weak.
7) You don’t ____ like you used to
The blank can be filled in with things such as compliment me, kiss me hello/goodbye, go down on me, wanna hang out with me, and other such acts. And I’m not saying it isn’t a legitimate complaint. It’s a sad fact of life that the beginning of a relationship is packed with romance and ego-boosting compliments, which quickly fade once he hits it you become comfortable with each other, but I’ve yet to see this tactic achieve the desired results. You’re more likely to be accused of being insecure. Or a nag. Or both.

8) You love your friends more than you love me
Ladies, men need their men time. You need to get that. The relationship between your man and his boys is sacred and you need to stay outside of it. If you love your man, don’t ask to come along to boy’s night and please oh please don’t ask him to stay home and hold you when he’s supposed to go watch the fight with the fellas. This is a competition you cannot win. Or maybe you can, but it would probably mean your man’s a punk and you don’t want him anyway.
Also, using the phrase “your stupid-ass friends” in any capacity is probably not going to score you any points. They’re non-negotiable so just grin and bear it.

9) Who’s that girl?
Who’s that girl that wrote on your wall on Facebook? That you just nodded to on the street? That you retweeted? That you spoke to at the club? A woman’s need to know the name, rank, and serial number of every female who crosses her man’s path just screams desperation. And psychosis. So please don’t.
10) Do you know how many other men want me? We know men thrive on competition, but this is not the move. This is what a girl says when she’s not getting what she wants from a man, but I doubt it ever achieves the desired effect. Any man worth his stones can only respond to this by inviting her to, in the immortal words of Method Man “go find another sucker, yo”.

11) Did you eff her?
Just as Slim said, this question rarely yields a truthful answer. And if it does, you may not like it. So just leave it alone!

Monday, March 19

Top 10 Tips for Happy Marriage

Love turning into a marital bliss - that's what you call a perfect way of living life. Marrying the person you love and turning your marriage into a happy one - requires immense hark work. A happy marriage concept is slowly fading out, putting a risk factor to marriages.
Though marriages are said to be made in heaven, yet the heavenly touch doesn't always help you strive successfully. One has to make extra efforts to make a marriage successful.You both are probably made for each other, but becoming mad at each other with trivial issues will solve no problems but only augment them. Is it always a woman's duty to make the marriage successful?
No! It has to be an effort from the both the parties in question. Healthy and happy marriages are the most intimate of all relationships. There are many a ways to make your marriage successful.

Here, we list down the top 10 tips for happy marriage :-

1) Always keep the spark of romance alive - Never must you let the spark die out. You should always express your feeling to your partner and try out ways to make him/her feel special even just without any occasion. The romance will make the relationship spicy and juicy. Even in the worst of times, you should make it a point to tell your beloved how much you love him/her. 'I Love You' are those three magical words which brightens up any face and makes the relationship grow fonder and more intimate.

2) Do not nag - Never become a nagging soul in front of your partner. That might do the entire bit to spoil your marital bliss. Maintaining a healthy relationship is important and you can do it only when you value your partner's likes and dislikes. Nagging is really harmful for maintaining harmony in your married life.

3) Exhibit mutual respect - To make a marriage healthy and happy, both the partners should mutually respect each other and value each other's emotions and feelings. Both might have a different attitude towards life, but then that's where your persistence and love towards each other makes your marriage happy.

4) Maintain lucid (honest) communication - For a happy marriage, you should have clear-cut communication between each other such that you can avoid all miscommunication. And as the words go - 'It's only words, and words that all I have to take your heart away'. Follow this, talk out your heart, do not keep any inhibitions and you shall rediscover the magic of your relationship every moment.

5) Be trustworthy - Faith, trust and loyalty - basic foundations of any marriage, plays an important role to make the marriage happy. Never lie to your partner or do not suppress facts from him/her - that might land you in trouble later and augment misconceptions.

6) Be Innovative - To keep your romance alive, be innovative at times. The daily chores of life takes away all the sheen and shine. To bring back that spark, do something innovative with each other that the surprise pleases your partner surprisingly. It shall definitely revive the magic of your relationship. Show the affection, care and love in a special way at times. It is needed!

7) Believe in Constructive criticism - Everybody, with their positive and negative traits makes this world a beautiful place to live in. one should recognize each other's positive traits and criticize the negative traits in a manner that it doesn't hurt your partner.

8) Compromise - The biggest word in the marriage dictionary is compromise. Though opposites attract, yet leading everyday life with an entity who is entirely different from you takes immense persistence. You need to compromise a big time to sustain the marriage happily. Adjustment with each other is what makes the relationship healthy. And that should come from both the parties.

9) Do not forget special days - For a happy marriage, you should not forget the trivialities of a relationship. Do not forget the important dates in your life - when you might plan to surprise your partner. Making him/her feel the difference is absolutely necessary.

10) Share responsibilities - To keep a marriage healthy, happy and rejuvenating, you should share and delegate your responsibilities among each other such that there is balance at work and home. Team effort always gives you positive results.

Saturday, March 17

3 Things Men Can't Resist in a Woman

A Woman Who Smiles (more powerful than you might realize)

A woman who smiles makes it easier for a man to approach her by conveying an attitude of confidence, warmth and playfulness. Since many women are fearful of giving men the wrong impression, they frequently guard their smiles.
While this approach is safer, it inadvertently sends the wrong message that she is someone who is overly cautious because she has been hurt.

Smiling= Acceptance and Welcome

In addition, smiling is a sign of acceptance. Men often need some signal that it is safe to approach a woman before they’re willing to risk introducing themselves (unless they are intoxicated).

A Woman Who Listens (instead of dominating the conversation)

Women are generally perceived as rarely really listening to men, at least not beyond a few minutes. Most of the time, a few minutes is all men really need. But since most men hate to be rejected, it is easier for them to keep conversations superficial. Men expect most women to want to talk, rather than be willing to listen.

Listen with Your Eyes AND Your Ears

If they happen to meet a woman who listens with her eyes (looks at him while he’s talking) as well as her ears, they are intrigued. If she continues to listen and not take over the conversation, she’s the kind of woman that men can’t resist and will eventually marry. 

A Woman Who Dresses Feminine (men are really visual)

Everyone knows that men are visual. However, women often forget just how helpless men are to what they see. The right visual stimulation can hypnotize any man. Unfortunately, women hear this and often become fearful. They mistakenly believe that men only notice perfect women.

Colors, Dresses, and Curves

Forget perfect! If you really want to be noticed by men, think colors, dresses and curves. Men basically like any woman who has that soft and cuddly quality. It isn’t that men don’t find women attractive in pants or when they are dressed comfortably – they just don’t notice them as easily. It doesn’t catch their eye like sparkly earrings, pretty colors or flowing dresses and long hair does.
Conversely, a powerfully dressed woman (think lots of red) makes most men think of sex, or not notice her at all. She may have a soft side, but if men can’t see it, they often don’t know it exists. The more feminine (softer) a woman dresses, the more men she will attract.

Cleansing with Mask

Basically all face masks have some sort of a cleansing action.  Various ingredients are used in the masks, depending on the skin type. Clay, form an important constituent of many face masks. They help to remove dirt, sebum, and dead skin so that the skin looks clean, soft and youthful.

Fullers earth is a special type of clay often used in face paks. It contains aluminium silicate. As it dries on the skin, it absorbs the superficial dead cells and blots up any excessive oil on the skin. It is therefore excellent for an oily skin but should not be used on dry skin. Kaolin is also a fine clay which has been used for tummy upsets because it absorbs  toxins from the system. It removes grime, oils and dead cells. Kaolin is also best for oily skin and best avoided for dry skin.

 Another ingredient of some of the masks is the peeling or the exfoliating agent-these remove the top layer of dead cells from  the skin, leaving behind fresh youthful skin. Oatmeal and bran are the commonly used peelers. Oatmeal is obtained from oats which is rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E

Also added to many masks are natural ingredients-cucumbers, curds, lemon juice and Brewer’s Yeast. It restores the acid / alkali  balance of the skin.

Tips for Drying Your Hair

Hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting.
  • Don’t leave the blowdryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair.
  • To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towell and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.
  • Gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle any knots while your hair is drying.

Tuesday, March 13

Some Secrets of Weight Loss

Experiment with popular diets and if you’re about to lose your slimming motivation make sure you also try your hand at the following top secrets of quick weight loss. Cut back on calories without having to ditch out all the delicious snacks from your kitchen.Use these top secrets of quick weight loss to boost your mood and shape your figure. Feel dynamic by consuming vitamin-rich and healthy ingredients like organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Eat M&Ms 
  • Tame your cravings for sweet treats with these delicious candies. M&Ms prove to be the best diet option to reduce the sugar-intake for your organism. Enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate and nut without feeling guilty for extra calories.
Drink your coffee black
  • It might seem a pretty dramatic change, however, numerous studies demonstrated that the caffeine from your daily cup of coffee can keep your metabolism on top speed for at least 2 hours.However, if you decided to team up this beverage with cream and sugar you’ll minimize its energy-boosting effect. Therefore, pro dieters will advise you to drink your coffee black.
swap bagels for cereals
  • Whole-grain cereals can do magic with your organism. Moreover, this diet trick is tested by numerous athletes who decided to swap bagels for delicious and nutritive oatmeal and cereals.These ingredients require more calories and time to be digested and this process will save you from cravings in between main meals.Burn more fat by embracing a healthy eating plan.
 potato salads  
  • Potatoes are rich in a specific type of starch which behaves like fiber as soon as it gets into your stomach. Your digestive system will have to use more calories to break down this element a process which gives you a sense of satiety for a longer period of time. Burn calories with this super-simple slimming strategy.
blend smoothies twice as long
  • Pro nutritionists also demonstrated that people who blended their smoothies for a longer period of time were able to lose weight more easily. In fact blending will maximize the size of the serving adding air to it. If you decide to consume delicious beverages to tame your cravings for delicious desserts be sure to blend them for 4-5 minutes.
healthy snack befor each meal
  • At least 10 minutes before every meal have a delicious and low-calorie snack. An apple or a handful of almonds will be perfect to activate the hormone called gherlin which is responsible for sending the ‘full’ signal to your brains.

Monday, March 12

How to Be Pretty if You Are Unfortunate With Your Looks..

This article should help those who feel really down over their looks.
You should never worry about looks, but it is good to look nice. But, it's good to remember sometimes hormones can make you feel ugly, even if you aren't - and there will always be some people who see pretty things about you, always somebody who will fall in love with you, and always will be something nice about you inside and out. Even if you feel ugly, you're not. But the good thing about this article is that even if you are really pretty, and you just feel ugly - it will enhance your looks and will make you feel much better about yourself. Though, please bare in mind - it's the inside that counts.

steps :-

1) Be confident. There is no point sitting in your bedroom worrying over your looks. You can put a change to it and there are ways of bringing in confidence. Walk with your back straight, and don't slouch. Have a positive outlook on everything. Be confident in your looks. You are beautiful no matter what in your own way.

2) Be clean and hygienic. Bath or shower everyday, and wash hair frequently. Do not leave hair more than 3 days - it could turn very greasy or flakey!

3) Find a different haircut and purchase hair products. Try a hairstyle to suit your face shape - and have it cut at a salon professionally. Not only will this be more accurate, the style will frame your face properly, the stylists will help pick a style with you to suit you, and the products used will be much better. Side swept bangs suit every face shape so they are a safe bet if you are confused. Try an edgy short haircut! Try out products like:
  • scrunching jelly
  • mouse
  • straightening cream
  • heat protector serum or spray
  • hairspray
  • gel (for wearing hair up)
  • hair accessories
4) Wash face and moisturise. If you wear make-up, remove it properly with make-up remover. Cleanse the face with facial wash (this will help with spots), try a spot cream if you get acne often, and moisturise skin either daily or occasionally.
5) Keep nails in good order. Grow them. But while you're waiting, try dipping them in olive oil each night, this will help build strong nails and heal cuticles. (Be sure the olive oil stays on your cuticles for 2-3 minutes.) Why not jazz them up a it with some pretty pastel-pale colored, sensible nail polishes? French manicure is always most effective. False nails are over-rated in the opinion of many, but maybe file or buff occasionally to also keep them neat.
6) Try a little make-up. If you're under 18, it's best to keep it toned down. If you have acne, then consider foundation - but make sure it is the same colour and tone as your skin, and wear the color powder over the top. For an easier option, apply concealer which matches your skin colour. Try covering under-eye circles in the same way. Add Vaseline to your lips and lightly add pink to your cheeks for a rosy glow (then add a little Vaseline for a 'glow'). Try a little bit of mascara. Don't go as far as false lashes, and make it look natural, yet noticeable. Always make sure you look natural - and don't wear any more make-up than that except from special occasions with your parents approval.
7) Be a nice, sweet person. If you are horrible on the inside, then it will show on the outside. Be nice to people, share your things, and work hard in lessons.
8) Smile. Smiling makes you look more attractive. When somebody catches your eye, sweetly smile. Be polite to people - and nice.This looks a lot more attractive than frowning.
9) Brush your teeth! Try out mints for good breath, and a little teeth whitener but don't over-do it.
10) Dress nicely. Instead of wearing boring trousers, try out skirts (not too short!) and long socks or tights or leggings, but don't look tarty. Alternately, try a classy scarf and some earrings - and if you're sticking to the 'classy' catagory, hoops arent recommended, studs are a better idea.
11) Don't become obsessed with looks. It's what's on the inside that counts.
12) Wash your face twice a day, and moisturise with a good, suitable lotion, and make sure to comb and brush your hair too.
13) Eat healthy and exercise! Stay fit! Make sure to play or get outside atleast 60 minutes a day and eat healthy! Excercise doesn't have to be boring - try swimming, or dancing, or horse riding, or walking, cheerleading, Wii Fit or even yoga or martial arts. Fruits and Greek yogurts help a lot, and try to stay away from fatty foods such as cake, candy, ice cream, etc.
14) Colour co-ordinate your clothes! Wear brown if your eyes are blue, and blue if your eyes are brown, this will make them POP! Opposites attract.
 Tips :-
  • Be classy and unique!
  • Be yourself!
  • Don't copy others! Remember this quote: "Be yourself! Everyone else is taken." -Oscar Wilde
  • Don't compare to models and beautiful people in your life! Everyone has their own kind of beauty, you just have to find it.
  • Everyone suits different things because everyones looks are unique. What doesn't suit one girl might suit you. Experiment and don't be afraid to feel pretty within yourself - that's the key: being confident!

Warnings :-
  • Don't over do yourself, make sure you are satisfied with your looks, and if that "certain someone" starts noticing you, say "Hi", don't be shy or he will just move on, and you don't want that!
  • Everyone has a different idea of what beauty is. Even if you don't consider yourself to be beautiful, someone does.
  • Remember if someone says that you are ugly that doesn't mean it's true.

Saturday, March 10

about relationship ♥

If you stay up at night trying to figure out if they love you... you most likely need to accept the fact that they most likely don't. If they did, you would KNOW it and wouldn't wonder why they don't treat you right. (Even if they have a hard time sharing how they feel... you would still feel it.)

by :- Charles J. Orlando, author of the relationship book series "The Problem with Women... is Men".

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